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½ November 16, 2018
First episode hooked me up up but then it went from bad to worse....

Where gotham is an interesting adaptation of some of the DC universe this feels like a really bad adaptation of the teen titan. The characters couldn't be farter from their original one, be it in term of backstory for some of plain character. Somehow the happy go lucky one has become a psychopath pyromaniac. The dark edgy one is still pseudo dark edgy but now takes the position of the "princess to be saved who know nothing about her past" and robin iis just like his name a D*CK...

Now throw in a bit of love triangle, obvious forshadowing, stupid dialogue where no one really speak his mind and try to hide everything to one another cause "it's better for them" speinkly some too dark scene to be able to see shite and you got yourself TITANS season one !!! yay

November 15, 2018
Fresh new take for the episodic superhero genre. I love that the series has an overarching threat and it's not just a villain of the week. There are real stakes and the character development is fantastic. I've been hooked since episode 1 and as a fan of the widely known 2003 Teen Titans, this interpretation does not disappoint.
½ November 15, 2018
I've been watching this and its an OK show. Not great but very watchable. The need Cyborg and to make ROBIN the Dick Grayson version over the Jason Todd one
November 14, 2018
Really fun show, loving it so far.
½ November 14, 2018
Based on the fan reception and borderline witch hunt for the shows cancellation, I can only assume all of these five star reviews are fake. Which, would be extremely funny seeing as The Last Jedi was recently accused of the same thing. But, the difference is that The Last Jedi's comments on their reviews are what arouse suspicion, While Titans has no comments except for the negative reviews. Now, I haven't watched the show, so I can't say definitely that it's good or bad. But, as a long time comic fan, I can say this show is more of a disgrace to the Teen Titans than Teen Titans GO. It seems it was made by someone who looked at the descriptions of the titans and felt that was all they needed. Characters such as Robin and Starfire couldn't be more inaccurate. Now, Starfire is not inaccurate because she is played by an African American actress, there are many african american cosplayers who have perfectly captured her likeness. But, her powers and costume are polar oposites of the comics. She is supposed to shoot green energy bolts, not FIRE.
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