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January 18, 2019
My daughter had the worse day and this movie had her hopping out her chair excited and leaving home singing ... amazing!!!!!
½ January 18, 2019
This is an attempt at rebooting Mary popping. I was hoping for a real sequel but thats 2s not the case its a nice enough film. The fellow from Hamilton does a credible job but in the end Dick Van Dike steals the show . Why? Because the music doesnt really come close. Any true fan of broadway before the Modern era will agree. The most interesting parts are attempts to copy the old movie well and then theres Julie Andrews sigh With all respect to this cast there is no way there is a comparison. Acing Me Banks is a better movie about Mary poppins than this. I long for the days of well written musicalsb that has been blotted out by Disney fare. Its enjoyable enough but surely not Oscar worthy
½ January 18, 2019
This brought me back to my childhood. I am very glad that they put there own twist on it.
½ January 18, 2019
great tribute to the original and stands alone. Date movie
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January 18, 2019
Sequels to movies from 50 years ago are a dicey proposition that even the most cynical of studios balk at. Not so, for the House of Mouse, apparently. Of course, they have a better track record than most for "sticking the landing" with all their infinite resources and competent producers. While we certainly didn't need it and no one asked for it, Mary Poppins Returns does just that. We are treated to an airy and colorful excursion that contains a moral center and a message that is sorely missing from children's cinema these days. This follow-up takes place a couple of decades after the original classic. The Banks children are grown up and broke in the middle of the Great Depression and are about to lose their childhood home. Michael himself now has children and has need of a nanny (and moral guidance). Guess who shows up?

This sequel would live or die based upon the performance and casting of its recognizable character. Emily Blunt proves to be an excellent fit for the magical caregiver, albeit a tad bit more vain and prickly than the Julie Andrews version. Supposedly this was because Blunt opted to take it in direction more akin to the novel version originated by P.L. Travers. This is one of those broad PR statements that's hard to prove one way or another, and I suspect this defense was created in hindsight. Either way she kills it with the charm and sharp wit one would expect. (Btw Emily Blunt is actually REALLY good in the few action movies she's been in. I don't know why Hollywood has not made her action star.) The interplay she has with the children is quaint and you feel some of that old Disney magic in many of their fantastic interludes. It was nice to see hand-drawn animation for one of the more memorable sequences, though some of the CGI used in others was a bit...umm terrible. The musical numbers themselves are...decent but not exceptional or ones that you'll be singing years later. The famous songs from the original were scored and written by the Sherman Brothers, who were masters of their craft. There's simply no comparison between the two.

There are numerous supporting characters and a lot of cameos to be had. Lin Manuel-Miranda really shines and he fills in nicely for Dick Van Dyke. Emily Mortimer is quite lively and charming, while Ben Whishaw carries a lot of the dramatic work of the film. Meanwhile Colin Firth is a little TOO good as a slimy villain. Overall, Mary Poppins Returns is a fine family outing and has the right magic to pull off the impossible. That being said, WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE. This was FINE. In Russian Roulette you can get two clicks and survive. It doesn't mean you get THREE. And yeah that analogy was pretty dark for a review of a Disney movie. Don't lie. That's why you read my reviews.
½ January 18, 2019
A wonderful follow up to an average kids film. Best sequel of the year.
½ January 18, 2019
Surprisingly fun endlessly delightful movie
January 18, 2019
I liked the movie despite the fact that deals with deep motivations that are not easy to grasp if you're looking for a lighth-hearted movie. In a sense, it has the same structure than the Classic much of us have come to love, and the characters are all equivalent to the ones previously presented. The songs are lovely but fit better with a pop album than a musical movie. All in all, it was a nice movie but far from being the one you'd watch over and over.
January 18, 2019
My whole family loved this movie! I have seen it 2 times and can't wait to see it again!
½ January 18, 2019
The "new" Mary Poppins isn't nearly as likeable as the original actress. Julie Andrews portrayed a character that was mysterious, charming and magical. In this movie, Mary is just plain snobby most of the time... That takes the magic away. Wish I never saw it and kept the original version in my mind. Anyway, my son liked it and they did have some nice songs in it.
January 18, 2019
Loved this. Want to go and see it again. Same magic as the first time around.
½ January 17, 2019
Sure it rides the wave of the original a bit, I can't remember any songs or any of the kids' names, and I don't care what you say I love Dick Van Dyke as Bert, but Emily Blunt may actually be a better Mary Poppins than Julie Andrews. She was outstanding. This was like 'The Force Awakens' for me in the sense that on paper it's fairly similar to the original, but in reality it's done differently enough that it felt like a different sequel. The dance numbers were great, the animation is fun, the emotion in Ben Whishaw's performance is real, I love the Dick Van Dyke cameo, and overall it just captures the air of the original while still being its own thing.
January 17, 2019
Not sure what are the negative commenters talking about, maybe they all had a bad day when watching this movie. Mary Poppins returns is a delight in many different ways. I love musicals in general, and Mary Poppins, and I still think they did well in this movie sequel. Of course, we all love Julie Andrews, and she is brilliant in her own ways - no one can take that away from her. Sure there are bits and pieces that I think Blunt can improve but look, she's the A-list actor and not me haha. The movie can pull emotions out of the audience, the songs are nice, the actors were brilliant! (Miranda & Whishaw especially, and the kids!).
January 17, 2019
A cute movie with the charm of the Original. Emily Blunt is brilliant as Mary Poppins. Lin Manuel Mirada is charming as Jack. Sadly, the film doesn‚(TM)t have the iconic songs of the Originial, songs like ‚~ Let‚(TM)s go fly a kite‚?, ‚A spoonful of sugar‚? and more are missing. The story, performance are top notch. Wishing the songs were better.
January 17, 2019
Practically perfect in every way ū~
January 17, 2019
What happened to the bowl they went to repair?
January 16, 2019
I'm not someone who is appreciative of musicals so I'll adjust my ratings by giving an extra half a star. In the beginning, it was entertaining, but it slowly starts becoming singing for the rest of the movie. It does give a good reminder to hope, believe and imagine again like a child. Overall, it is entertaining for one who expects a musical movie, if not it's going to bore you out.
January 16, 2019
This was an unmitigated disaster! A series of non-stop nails on a chalkboard moments.

A little context if you find my opinion harsh. A) I love musicals and B) I love the original Mary Poppins. In my opinion, this movie failed in both respects.

I was flabbergasted to find this movie had such high reviews on rotten tomatoes. I'd heard from a friend that they basically just redid the scenes from the original movie. (And boy was she right). However, it's called "Mary Poppins Returns" so I was expecting them to use more original material from one of P.L. Traverse's many other Mary Poppins sequels.

There were so many good ones to choose from!

Mary Poppins Comes Back
Mary Poppins Opens the Door
Mary Poppins in the Park
The Gingerbread Shop
Mr. Wigg's Birthday Party
Mary Poppins From A-Z
Mary Poppins in the Kitchen
Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane
Mary Poppins and the House Next Door
I've read the the first 4 books in the series and all of them are unique and special. The imagination is what sets The Mary Poppins series apart from other books. While Mary Poppins herself sees little character development, you get to see a different side of her in each story. I felt like this movie just rehashed all the qualities we already know about her...but not as well as the original!

Nevertheless I loved the original for what it was. You can't beat Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. Then you have Dick Van Dyke. So much great musical talent packed into one movie. The movie doesn't capture the wistfulness of the books entirely, but they at least it captures the creativity and imagination of the original Mary Poppins book.

Then you have this movie. Which barely tries to be original or do anything new! Instead they take each scene from the movie and basically create a mediocre version of it.

There was no energy in this movie! Musicals require lots of paunch and pizazz and ENERGY. Where the heck was the enthusiasm? I felt like it just dragged on and on. The most energy in the entire movie was when 91-year-old Dick Van Dyke entered and busted out the snazziest little number of the entire film. Unfortunately, that magic lasted about 3 minutes then it was back to the lackluster performances of the rest of the cast.

It was like they tried to recreate the original movie which has that often cheesy/over-the-top Broadway quality to it. However, they failed to bring it over-the-top. There was no charisma to this movie. Musicals need charisma, energy, and expressiveness to pull off the sorts of cheesy lines they contain.

Also, WHY are Jane and Michael the adults in this one? They tried to fit them into the mother and father roles of the previous move and it didn't fit. The lines were awkward and were delivered awkwardly. The only one who did a decent job was the actress who played Mary Poppins. Everyone else was...wooden in their portrayals. I think this is mainly due to the fact that there's little conflict driving this movie. They try to mimic the old story, but they do it poorly. In my opinion, the creators should have scrapped trying to mimic the original movie and gone in a completely new direction.

All their attempts at recreating the magical, spectacularly colorful dance scenes fell flat. The music was a poor shadow of the original songs, and so unmemorable I literally can't remember any of them.

Then you have Linuel Miranda, he's a Broadway star, right? The only place he shone was in a scene where he was rap/singing a song. Otherwise, he just did not cut it as Bert's replacement.

Then you have these "lamplighters" or something whose job is to light streetlamps. I don't understand why the city needed so many of them. It's not like it's that tedious or difficult to turn a light on and off. Those chimney sweeps though, that was a hard job. Replacing them with these lamplighters seemed a little pathetic to me.

I simply don't know when was the last time I saw something so boring. What am I missing? What did everyone else see in this that I couldn't? THEY BUTCHERED MARY POPPINS for crying out loud. This is a crime against humanity. Honestly.

Disney needs to stop creating sequels. It just keeps getting worse, and goodness knows when it will end. What happened to think up something new? That's what Disney was known for. He took fairytales and turned them into something unique and new. Where is that creative spirit?
January 16, 2019
I enjoyed Mary Poppins Returns. I thought it stayed true to the style the original was filmed in which shows going back to basics can work when bringing back a classic. It is hard to fill the boots of Julie Andrews but Emily Blunt gave it her best shot and she did rather well. It is easy viewing with an easy story to follow for the young ones. I hear there is another one in the works and since their are seven books to choose from, I look forward to see what story they decide to tell next.
January 16, 2019
magic magic oh my mary poppins is pure delight
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